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I have been following Swen Lorenz, and utilizing his research, for more than five years.

His Site, Undervalued Shares, generates some of the best investment ideas I have ever seen.

By following Swen, I have learned how to build a portfolio of investments in world-class companies. In fact, most investments recommendations I have gotten from Undervalued shares, I have held for three or more years.

As an author and investor, Swen is focused on improving your investing by strengthening three key areas:

1. Research. Learn to identify the attributes of a good investment. Swen’s research makes this easy for you by helping you to identify liquid, well-known companies that any brokerage account can buy or sell.

2. DIY investment philosophy. Trade with confidence and learn how to invest in individual stocks. Why pay someone to manage your portfolio when you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost?

3. Global macro investing. I believe this theme is the most exciting element prevalent in all of Swen’s work.

All of Swen’s ideas are published in easy to follow, in-depth research reports. Each report will cover one specific investment idea in detail. If you want to build a diversified but manageable portfolio as your retirement nest-egg or your “Freedom Fund”, those reports will give you more than enough ideas to work with.


Who is Swen Lorenz?

“Swen Lorenz’s research service on international stocks might provide the best value out there of any service out there”

Michael Fritzell, Asian Century Stocks

No nonsense.
No BS. No marketing gimmicks.

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Undervalued Shares DOES NOT focus on identifying obscure, get rich quick stocks. Nor does it promote high-risk investing. Investment ideas are in liquid shares that are easily bought and sold on major exchanges through any brokerage account. Further, you won’t be swamped with 50+ research ideas each year. Nor will you receive unwanted ads and other spam in your inbox.

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