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The Buylyst Magazine: Saurav and his Team continuously strive to be the best investment magazine in the world – one that takes the confusion out of investing within minutes. They do this by neatly packaging our Research of the Week, our proprietary Watch List, The Buylyst Portfolio, and our distinct Thematic Worldview, all in a compact, easily readable, digestible format. The Team sends out The Buylyst Magazine approximately 3 times a month.

The Buylyst Portfolio: It all boils down to this – 20-25 liquid, long-term, public equity (stocks and ETFs) investments around the world. This portfolio is a definitive bet on Global Progress. Each holding in The Buylyst Portfolio comes with an Entry Price, a Target Weight, a Definitive Valuation, a Detailed Thesis, and an ongoing Investability Rating. Please visit the Portfolio Dashboard for a preview.

Investment Theses & Valuation: The Team at the Buylyst performs both a top-down and a bottom-up analysis. The bottom-up analysis includes detailed exploration of a company’s Competitive Advantage, its Economic Moat, and its Growth Strategy. Ultimately, all that boils down to a clear, uncomplicated valuation of the company’s stock. The Team’s valuations guide their portfolio transactions.

Research Articles: Actionability and Readability are big priorities. The top-down and bottom-up research is archived in on the Research & Analysis page, which can be filtered by Investment Theme. All of the articles are dense with data, analyses, and definitive investment decisions, but are immensely readable and (dare I say) enjoyable.

Comprehensive Watch List: This is the most useful Watch List the Team has built – it’s a weekly reconnaissance of their Investment Themes and the broader equity markets, which allows investors to pick and choose their battles. Each stock drawn from the Watch List comes with a proprietary Investability Rating, which the Team has built upon the principles of Expectations Investing.

Thematic Worldview: About once a week, the Team includes an 8-to-10-page Thematic Worldview, which briefly discusses potential investment opportunities, latest happenings, and noteworthy portfolio transactions in each Investment Theme. The Thematic Worldview is published with each Magazine issue and archived online in the Commentary section.

Themes & Bottom Up Research Process

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The Founder – Saurav Sen, CFA

Saurav Sen – The Founder of The Buylyst

Dude, where should I invest? It turns out that it’s a very common question. Saurav created the Buylyst out of a personal need – that he should have access to professional-grade research of the highest quality for my Retirement and Personal accounts. He wasn’t satisfied with the resources he had. It turned out others weren’t either. They kept asking him, “dude, where should I invest?”. So, he decided to do something about it. In 2017, The Buylyst concept was born on a whiteboard in his apartment in New York. 

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As he honed the concept over the past few years, Saurav has drawn from a diverse array of experiences in the Investment Management Industry spanning nearly 15 years. He started out in Commonfund as part of an Analyst Rotation Program that allowed him dig into various asset classes – Domestic and International Equities, Hedge Fund Strategies, and Fixed Income and Commodities. Given his inclinations, he served those groups in a quantitative capacity, filling in as a go-to resident “quant”. He took that skillset over to a preeminent Long/Short Equity hedge fund called Cantillon Capital Management. He joined their Risk team, focusing on quantitative analysis and risk management under the tutelage of their Chief Risk Officer. 

In 2009, Saurav decided that he wanted to switch gears, step aside from quantitative and statistical analysis, and dive deep into Fundamental Analysis. He went to Graduate School to train as a Research Analyst. After graduation, he joined Deutsche Bank’s Investment Management arm in their High Yield Research team, where he analyzed High Yield bonds and leveraged loans issued by companies in the Power, Renewable Energy, Entertainment, Restaurants and REITs sectors. He took that newfound skillset over to a boutique Alternative Credit Fund, where he analyzed leveraged loans and bonds issued by companies in the Energy, Power, Mining and Financials sectors. 

Overall, Saurav’s experience spans from Quantitative Equity to Fundamental Fixed Income, which is a unique toolkit to have as a Research Analyst. 

As far as formal education is concerned, Saurav graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in both Economics and Mathematics, with a minor in Statistics. After a few years he attended Carnegie Mellon University and got his MBA. Between the two stints, he became a CFA charter-holder. 

In his spare time, Saurav spends wastes a considerable number of hours researching the history, legacy, and obsolete complexities of vintage mechanical watches he will never buy.

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