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Atkore Inc. (“ATKR”) – The Investor Weekly Stock Report

ATKR remains a deeply moated business, with competitive positioning across most business lines. Supply constraints from the pandemic have hampered their competitors and led to huge increases in pricing. We believe that ATKR will deliver market-beating results over the next five years.

Ternium S.A. (“TX”) – The Investor Weekly Stock Report

The Company has gained tremendous momentum, yet is still only trading at 3.5x FWD P/E multiple. TX trades at a significant discount compared to its industry peers. In fact, the Company is undervalued by 50% or more across several key metrics: P/E, EV/EBITDA, Price/Sales, etc. Volatility in the market, and a general correction of steel prices will allow for a more attractive entry price (<$50.00). We recommend waiting for a pull-back before building a position in this stock.

Carvana (“CVNA”) – The Investor Weekly Stock Report

I won’t challenge the fact that Carvana’s growth has been impressive. We believe that a combination of positive sales growth and EBITDA margins could be the green light that investors need to pull the trigger on this stock. For investors focused on the long-term, the coming downward shift in used car prices may not hold the Company back.

Coinbase (“COIN”) – The Investor Weekly Stock Report

The Investor Weekly is neutral on this stock at current levels. We are, however, willing to take a small position and wait on positive 2022 EPS and revenue revisions before scaling up. In doing so, I believe that crypto is in its infancy and Coinbase has established itself as a trusted service. We believe that Coinbase is a worthwhile buy if you can stomach the volatility of the underlying assets.

Fortinet (“FTNT”) – The Investor Weekly Stock Report

FTNT is benefiting from a huge increase in cybersecurity spending, which is expected to reach $120 billion this year and grow at a double-digit pace for the foreseeable future. The need for cybersecurity is at an all-time high and that presents a long-term opportunity for companies with the knowledge to combat it. 

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