The Week Ahead – November 07, 2022

The U.S. election on November 8 is likely the most newsworthy event this week.

The consensus expectation is that a divided government between the White House and Congress will lead to more political gridlock and a potential slowdown of Biden’s Leftist agenda.

The stock market has outperformed with a dividend government over the returns generated in the years following the same party controlling the Senate, the House and the Presidency. However, a scenario that could rattle the market would be any lack of clarity with regard to Senate control if results are contested.

value etf investing

Value Investing – Why We’re Focused on ETFs

Given a rebounding economy, higher inflation, and the likelihood of three or more rate hikes, value investing is where I want to be. Indices last week ended in the red amid growing political tensions. It is my belief that value investing offers more promise given the rebounding economy and change of multiple Fed interest rate hikes. Value stocks offer investors the chance to earn higher returns with less volatility. The stocks I look for will offer larger dividend payouts than their growth peers, as well.

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