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Because the way young people interact with money is changing dramatically, the national standards for teaching personal finance in K-12 schools are evolving, too. Further, these standards make a significant contribution to narrowing the wealth and equity gap in our country. Jump$tart is trying to fix this.

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization based in Washington, D.C. The coalition consists of more than 100 national organizations and a network of 51 independent, affiliated state coalitions.

The mission is to advance youth financial literacy and support financial education.

Jump$tart believes that all students deserve a financial education that sufficiently prepares them to be smart consumers. The organization recognizes that classroom-based education is critical for those who can’t get this guidance at home.

Jump$tart in classrooms across the country

Jump$tart is the original promoter of April as Financial Literacy Month and its #CheckYourSchool campaign is working to get effective financial education into every school in the country.

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As a nonprofit, non-governmental organization, the Jump$tart Coalition relies on generous support from individuals and entities to fund its operation and accomplish its goals. They are grateful for every contribution it receives!

Rest assured that your contribution to Jumpstart is in great company. Other national partners include:

The Coalition Education Committee selected a key principle, which is linked to the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education, to address each month and keep financial literacy a priority year-round. Learn more about the principles by joining the organization at 3 p.m. ET the second Tuesday of each month for Facebook Live.

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Jump$tart has several key initiatives, including the following:

Project Groundswell: A national grassroots effort designed to get more financial education into more schools for more students.

Jump$tart Clearinghouse: The premier online library of financial education resources.

National Educator Conference: The only national conference dedicated to financial education in the classroom and the professionals who teach it.

Jump$tart Financial Foundations for Educators: A comprehensive content model that ensures consistency and rigor in professional development for teachers.

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