Sector Rotation – Remains Bearish

Energy leadership and technology weakness is usually a bearish sign. So is weakness in economically-sensitive consumer cyclicals. All of this suggests that stocks remain in a bear market.

The fact that stocks show no signs of a major bottom also argues for a weaker economy and a likely recession.

Stocks in Latin America – Outperforming in 2022 ?!

It has been a very challenging year for US stocks and elsewhere around the world. However, a bright spot exists: Latin America is an upside outlier. Yes – Latin America. And this comes after a collapse of more than 70% between early 2008 and the trough at the start of the pandemic. The rally is being driven largely by commodities. ILF – iShares Larin America 40 ETF is up nearly 9% year-to-date. Now, fourteen years after the all-time record was set for the MSCI regional benchmark, the market is finally starting to show signs of life again.

Top Consumer Staples

A number of Consumer Staples stocks are overvalued and stand to benefit from a bear market or recession. Their fundamentals, attractive valuations, and earnings are driving catalysts in outperforming inflationary levels.

What is a Target Date Fund?

Stated simply, a target date fund is an investment vehicle used to manage investment risk over a long-time horizon.

Is Tesla a Good Long-Term Investment?

I predict consumers will stay loyal to their existing brands as the market goes full EV in the coming decade. Manufacturers will force the switch. There won’t be an option. What I mean by that is that all new cars being offered will be fully EV at some point. And, at that point, I do not foresee a huge shift of people switching from their existing brand to Tesla. I’m talking about the late adopters, here.

ARK Investment

Should I Invest in ARKK?

The selloff is NOT a long-term problem, however, for the sector. And that’s why ARKK is a great opportunity currently. Now is a great time to invest in ARKK.

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