December Market Newsletter: Eco-Friendly Plastic Producers

The Problem With Single-Use Plastics

We’ve all seen the mind-boggling pictures of the garbage patch somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Plastic production has created a plague against the environment. Now, it’s time for eco-friendly plastic producers to begin to change the storyline on this.

The first invention of plastic occurred in 1907. Then, in the 1960s it began to be mass produced. Since then, it has continued to be created for the world’s population to “make life easier”. 

The effect of this production means that now more than 8 million pieces of plastic enter our oceans each day. Additionally, 12 million tons of plastic make its way into the ocean each year.

Plastic production affects numerous parts of the world. Most importantly, it affects the marine ecosystems those plastics infiltrate. Plastic producers also contribute to the human health system, the environmental food chain and release greenhouse gases into the world.  

But now, there are plastic producers reversing the plastic problem. Let’s take a look at these top technologies utilized by market leaders.

The Solution

Thanks to companies like 4Ocean and The Ocean Cleanup, there progress is made in figuring out how to remove plastics from the oceans. Unfortunately, these companies are drinking from a firehose, but probably even worse. 

So, now, companies are finding ways to create plastics that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. 

A leader in the space, Company X, contributes to research and is now producing 100% biodegradable plastic packaging that is used by top-producing companies. The same company has also begun marketing a compostable process they sell to corporations to work around plastic waste.

Most importantly, Company X has been able to partner with PepsiCo to help them on their 2025 sustainability agenda path. 

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Other Companies Making Change Happen… Slowly

Now, the company above is a relatively smaller contender when compared to the other leading chemicals producers of the world. However, it is obvious that their main focus is to create renewable, biodegradable plastics.

Company X’s main competition is different in that they are companies that have constantly been the leading producers of single-use plastics. These market-leading competitors are align with the goal of creating chemicals that do not cause dramatic damage to the environment. 

However, since they are larger companies, they are less inclined to make the quick, full switch to biodegradable plastic materials. One of these leading companies has a goal of reaching zero-carbon emissions by 2050. While that is a good step for the world, it may seem like a slow process to some. 

The good news is that it seems that many market leaders are beginning to change the way they produce single-use plastics. However, it will be interesting to see which of the companies offer more upside for an environmentally-friendly investor’s market. 

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